West India tour packages – An Overview

Incredible has so much to offer that you will feel like visiting this place time and again. If you want to have an experience of an offbeat and fun vacation then head to Western part of India. Western part of the country is home to both offbeat and some of the most popular destinations. Exploring these places is an experience in itself. Western India comprises of the Maharashtra, Gujarat and Goa States mainly. One of the best ways to make the most of west India tour is by opting for west India tour packages which are designed to make the most of the trip.

When you think of touring western India then you can spend some great moments at the palm-fringed beaches and calm sea shores, indulge your taste buds in culinary delight and enjoy multi-cultural cocktail.  The region is known not only for its geographical beauty but also for various recreation options and historical monuments which attract the attention of tourists from all walks of life. West India Tour is one of the best ways to retreat your senses and overcome stress. The mesmerizing beauty of Western part of the country compels you to visit it again and again. It is never enough to spend time here.


Home to some of the most beautiful offbeat destinations such Ganpati Phule, Kamshet, Kolad, Jawhar, Sandhan Valley and Harnai-Anjarle, Maharashtra is worth a visit. Mumbai is a must while planning tour to Maharashtra. Goa and Gujarat are two most prominent states which you can visit during your West India Tour.

If you want to visit all three western India states in a go then you can get blend of three states tour packages. You can also get west India tour packages customized as per your budget and preference. So, just get started now and opt for package that you think lets you make the most of your west India tour.

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