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    • Guru Nanak Jhira,Solah Khamb Mosque
    • Bidar, Karnataka
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    About Hotel :

    Bidar is an important historical district in north-east part of Karnataka. Name of this city is derived from a word Bidiru which means Bamboo. It is widely known for its historical monuments and tombs which reflects Barid Shahi Dynasties.  So are you looking for perfect vacation in which you can explore scenic beauty, landscapes, cultures and traditions then Bidar is a perfect place for you.

    Balaji tour & travel is a company working under VGGroups, offer great travel Pilgrimage Packages to Bidar. We offer exclusive deals ranging from low cost to budget-friendly packages. We will take you to various tourist attractions such as-

    • Tombs of the Bahmani Rulers- are tombs with impressive structures and tile work.
    • Guru Nanak Jhira- is an ancient Gurudwara which you must visit.
    • Madrassa- is a theological college of Islamic and Arabic studies.
    • Bidar Fort- is a peak of Persian architectural style which was built by Sultan Alla-Ud-Din Bahman in 1427 AD.
    • Solah Khamb Mosque- an amazing Islamic building built in 1424. This building lies within Bidar fort.
    • Ragin Mahal palace- is a palace built in 16th century by Ali Barid Shah. It also lies within Bidar Fort and it was an abode of royal family.

    Besides these, we also include transportation, travelling and accommodation facilities in our tour. That is we offer best accommodation facility in finest hotels along with comfortable transportation facilities. We also take care of ticketing and travelling as well. We also provide expert who are always there to assist and guide you throughout your vacation in Bidar.

    Hence, plan a wonderful and joyful trip to Bidar with Balaji tour & travel and enjoy great savings.

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