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    • Sacred Temple of Saint Jagnade
    • Pune to Paithan Approximate distance 202 km
    • Paithan, Maharashtra
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    About Hotel :

    Paithan is a city located in district Aurangabad in Maharashtra holding great tourism significance. This ancient city also possesses historical value being state capital during reign of Satvahanas. Working as a travel company under VG Groups with years of experience, Balaji tours and Travels is offering exclusive Paithan tour packages at affordable charges.

    Located on bank of river Godavari, Paithan is a renowned pilgrimage site in Maharashtra as holy shrine of Sant Eknath is installed in this place. It also holds great spiritual value for Jains as holy shrine of their 20th Tirthankar is also located where hundreds of devotees pay homage.

    Our expert guides take you to renowned spots in Paithan where you can not only enjoy natural aura, but also pay homage in its revered sites. Our custom packages incorporate some popular attractions including:

    • Sacred Temple of Saint Jagnade, which is one of most popular pilgrimage sites in this region.
    • Jain teerth site where you can witness a centuries old idol made of sand. It is believed that those who visit this revered site with pure mind get their wishes fulfilled.
    • Jayakwadi Dam is another place to visit where you can find various bird species.
    • You can plan a picnic in tranquility of a garden dedicated to Sant Dhyaneshwar, and also shop for your favorite silk sarees in shops located around.

    Some other services included in our packages are:

    • Lodging in best hotels with amicable services.
    • Excellent food prepared by experienced chefs.
    • Transport services at reasonable charges.
    • Online booking of your bus, train, or air tickets.

    So if you are planning to go on a religious tour to Paithan, you can opt for our custom packages.

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