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  • Simhachalam

    Andhra Pradesh


    • Govindraja Swamy Temple, Lakshmi Devi Temple, Varahalakshminarashima Temple, Simhavalli Tayaru Temple
    • Simhachalam temple is situated 16 km from Vizag among thickly wooded hills on the Simhachalam Konda.
    • Simhachalam Visakhapatnam, AP 530028, India
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    About Hotel :

    Simhachalam is a known Hindu  Famus Pilgrimage centre located in Vizag district of Andhra Pradesh which is known for its natural splendours and picturesque beauty. This place has one of eighteen shrines which were dedicated to Lord Narasimha. This hillock houses many eye-catching scenic locations which you must see if you are planning to visit this beautiful place. For a perfect religious holiday you must choose everything best especially while selecting a travel agency. Balaji tour & travel is a known travel agency under auspices of VG Groups offers best Simhachalam tour packages to their clients along with world-class services.

    We organises various tours to Simhachalam whose rates varies due to time duration and services. In fact we offer wide range of tour packages of different prices and services included. From a luxury to low cost tour, you will get all types of tours for all types of tourist such as singles, groups as well as couples. Ticketing, hotel booking, transportation, etc. all these are included in our packages which are customised according to your budget and time.

    With our Simhachalam tour packages, you will be able to visit following places-

    • Govindraja Swamy Temple- is an old shrine with attractive architectures, wide entrance, imposing towers and magnificent gali-gopuram. This temple is dedicated to Lord Govindaraja Perumal.
    • Lakshmi Devi Temple- is a temple dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and which offers excellent and tremendous views of surroundings.
    • Varahalakshminarashima Temple- is an ancient shrine aesthetically located atop a hill.
    • Simhavalli Tayaru Temple- is dedicated to Simhavalli Tayaru and is visited by many devotees.

    Hence if you want to explore rich diverse culture and divine beauty of Simhachalam then our tour packages will be great choice for you. 

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