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  • Sri Kurmam

    Andhra Pradesh


    • Sri Kurmam Temple
    • Sri Kurmam, situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal, is easily accessible by Road, Rail and Air
    • Srikurmam, Andhra Pradesh
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    About Hotel :

    Sri Kurmam is a village situated in district of srikakulam in Andhra Pradesh. This village has derived its name from its famous Sri Kurmam Temple. This famous pilgrimage attracts a great number of devotees to this village each year. This famous temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu in the avathara of a tortoise and is of great sacredness due to it being the only temple in India dedicated to Lord Vishnu in his Kurmavathara.

    Since it is a very small village with no direct rail facility therefore it is better to take services of a professional tours and travels company and who better than Balaji tours & travels company to take you there. Under the able guidance of VGGroups, we, at balaji, provide standard as well as customized tour packages to Sri Kurmam as per your requirements. Our Sri Kurmam tour package would include:

    • We will book tickets till Srikakulam, a nearby railway station.
    • Accommodation facility in a top hotel at Srikakulam.
    • Transportation facility from Srikakulam to Sri Kurmam village for sightseeing.
    • Our additional feature includes short sightseeing tours in Srikakulam which has quite a few tourist attractions.
    • Return to your city.

    Apart from its main attraction which is Sri Kurmam temple, Sri Kurmam has yet another famous temple by the name of Yoganandha Narasimham Temple where the Lord resides in Yogic Position. Yogananda is one of several forms of Narasimha Swami. An ashram is situated just besides this temple which provides free food to devotees.

    Enjoy the beauty of temples and calmness of village in Sri Kurmam through balaji tours & travels company’s exclusive Sri Kurmam tour packages.

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